Are you thinking of creating your own mobile application, but you have a limited budget? Concluding a contract with a development company requires a lot of money, and there are literally thousands of them, so how do you choose? Fortunately, application development does not necessarily require huge investments, months of work and even programming experience! We are talking about special application development software – mobile platforms for creating applications yourself. What is the best mobile app development platform?

Applications mean business. Although mobile applications may have been traditionally associated with overall productivity and information retrieval, business applications are now an essential part of many daily operations.

This applies especially to the easy availability of smartphones and BYOD (Bring You Own Device) working principles with implemented MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions, which means that employees can now use their iPhones or Android phones for general business processes, covering everything from productivity applications to collaborative applications.

What is the best mobile app development platform?

The best applications

Appy Pie is a cloud-based tool for creating DIY mobile applications that allows users without programming skills to create applications for almost any platform and publish it. You don’t need to install or download anything – just drag and drop pages to create your own online mobile application. When finished, you’ll receive a hybrid application based on HTML5 that works on all platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and even for a progressive application. All changes are made in real time, with the option of sending push notifications, making money on ads, viewing live analyzes and tracking locations using GPS. You can also integrate social channels, blogs, websites, audio, radio and more.

Zoho Creator is a cross-platform application builder that allows you to create a new application or use a ready-made one.

The software is especially targeted at companies that want to simplify and automate tasks, such as creating applications for functions such as sales management, order management, event management, logistics or recruitment tracking.

However, whatever you want to do, you can completely customize what you want. Zoho Creator includes a drag and drop editor to help you build the application from a single dashboard.

Appery is a mobile application manufacturer capable of creating native applications (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), responsive web applications and hybrid applications (for all devices). The good news is that you don’t have to install anything and you can start right away using the visual editor. Drag and drop options along the entire length, which is especially nice for non-coding and non-coders. Simply select components or available application templates and assemble the user interface.

Many additional features for advanced programming are also available. From backend services such as cloud database, push notifications, REST APIs etc., Many multimedia plugins, correspondence, social networking, the latest iOS11 support and technologies such as jQuery, Angular.js, integrated Bootstrap. The free trial period is active for 14 days.



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