Buying a home is a milestone in everyone’s life, especially if you are about to become a homeowner for the first time. As you prepare to buy your first home, you’ll be exposed to a whole new world of insurance, control, mortgage rates and so on. But what about pest inspections, especially termites? Are annual termite inspections necessary?

What is recommended

It is recommended to conduct termite checks at least once a year or more often if you live in areas with a high risk of termite. To keep some warranties valid, termite checks are necessary – so take the time to read the service contracts and discuss this with a professional pest checker.

You protect your home against theft, accidents and other misfortunes by using insurance. Do you leave him open to destruction by termites?

Annual termite inspections are necessary for early detection of termite activity on the property to prevent potential large-scale damage and costly repairs.

Are annual termite inspections necessary?

It’s important to remember that your termite protection exists in a dynamic and changing environment, and your chemical barrier can do its job as long as there are no external factors that could prevent or limit the protection it can provide. Annual inspections will include things that put unnecessary pressure on the chemical barrier, such as a new active termite nest or termite work in the garden, a leaking faucet or pipe, and even a dog or pet that was digging at home.

While your chemical barrier will protect your home from the penetration of termites and damage to structural timber, it’s important to stay alert and treat termite nests as they appear so that there is no unnecessary pressure on the chemical barrier or home. Annual control is a great way to keep control of these things to protect your investment.

What damage can termites really do?

Termites can be small, but they usually live in large colonies and, as the saying goes, the number is strong. You can also spend years without knowing that they are quietly destroying your home.

In addition, the destruction that termites are capable of is by no means minimal. In the United States, termites cause an average of $ 5 billion in damage each year. The average cost of termite treatment and damage repair is over $ 8,000.

Inspection costs

Annual termite control doesn’t cost as much as you think. While some companies will charge hundreds of dollars for checking termites in your home, others will provide this service for free. Find a company in your area that offers free termite checks to save you some money on this essential service. Early termite detection is the key to protecting your home from costly termite damage.



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