Will the Facebook store let you sell more? If you don’t try, you won’t find out. How to add a shopping cart to Facebook?

Facebook Store – what is this?

If you don’t know what a Facebook store is and where to find it – follow this part of the guide first. On many Facebook pages you can find the menu on the left:

In the mobile application, the store appears in the upper section.

Going to the store allows you to view products directly on Facebook, view their variants and go to the product card directly in the store. It is possible to search for products, but they are not divided into categories.

The store allows you to tag products on Facebook, ultimately also on Instagram. Thanks to it you will also create dynamic ads showing specific products with which the customer interacted on the site. And more precisely: this allows the product catalog synchronized with the store.

Why set up a Facebook store at all?

First of all, this is another form of promotion. But above all, FB likes its own solutions. And it’s no secret that he loves when users use them. To the extent that it promotes this kind of posts more than others.

See the video example. A few years ago, when I uploaded a link to YouTube video on FB, it could be viewed normally and fully viewed directly on YT (without clicking and going to a separate portal).

Now, when I upload a link to the video on YouTube, Facebook does only a thumbnail. But if you upload the video directly to Facebook, you can already watch it.

How to add a shopping cart to Facebook?

Add store to Facebook page

The Facebook store allows you to present and sell products to customers directly on Facebook. To add a store to your Facebook page:

On your computer, select the Store tab on your Facebook page. If you don’t see this card, you can change the page template to a shopping template.

Follow the instructions on the screen to add the store to your Facebook page. Complete all required fields.

Finally choose the Finish button.

After adding the store, you must accept the Trade Regulations. The Store section will be visible to customers only after adding and confirming at least one product.

Add to basket on your site (conversion pixel)

The number of basket additions monitored on your site by the ads conversion pixel.

Calculation method

If a conversion tracking pixel is installed on the site that records add-to-cart events, the value of this indicator is increased when the pixel records this type of event resulting from the ad’s display.



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