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6 February 2015

The Scion USA Luge Olympian Tested


No one knows sledding better than USA Luge multiple Olympic and World Champion Chris Thorpe... So I went sledding with Chris in Colorado to see what he thought:

"I was humbled by this sled... It challenges you, it rewards you, but by no means will you master this sled on your first day out. You can go from carving, to slipping and drifting the turns... to just stopping on a dime, the performance and control factor are, I think, second to none... The limits of this sled I think, are still somewhat unexplored."

Chris was not paid for his endorsement. He contacted Snolo with an interest in having a go. He rode the Scion over two days at Purgatory, Durango Mountain Resort in Colorado. Thank you Chris for your time, hospitality and honest opinion.