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7 December 2012

Snolo Sleds Launches


Welcome to the launch of Snolo Sleds. From 7 December 2012, we are pleased to announce you can purchase the Stealth-X directly from our online store.

Since we introduced the Stealth-X onto the world platform via international media and internet forums in early November 2012, we have been amazed at the huge amount of followship it's generated. With this unprecedented interest, we are currently working extra hard to ensure fast product delivery to all our clients. For the initial orders, it will be a case of first orders placed will be the first to receive their Stealth-X sleds. We expect the initial production run to be completed by the end of December and we will start shipping immediately after that.

The carbon fibre construction is a lengthy process that cannot be rushed, and each sled goes through this same process. We will not compromise on quality and our manufacturer is working over time to meet our demands so you, our customers will reap the benefits of a high quality performance product.

As a little hint of what's coming up, we are already in the process of developing new Snolo sled concepts, and we will have more of these amazing sleds available for you soon. As well as the sleds, we are also working on some great branded accessories for you to look as good off the slopes as you do on.

So thanks to all our followers, present and future - we're looking forward to seeing you in the snow on your Stealth-X.

Feel the ride, with Snolo Sleds.