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Snolo create the worlds most innovative, exciting and unique snow sleds for the whole family. We focus on carve and drift handling capabilities, high-speed performance, modern design and durability that is second to none. 

Sean Boyd

Head Shot

Concept Design Director and CEO

Sean created his first sled in 2006 for his own use as he wanted something that delivered a snowboard type feel from a seated position. The result was a sled that could lean into corners like a motorcycle. It could carve and drift and offered a truly unique adrenalin fueled experience. After several years he decided to share the experience with the rest of the world. Sean engaged 4Design to help make the sled even better and to give it that F1 look. The all carbon fiber Stealth-X was the first of the Snolo sleds to hit the market. Its stunning looks and high performance gained it international notoriety and a design award. Since then Sean has gone on to develop the fiber reinforced HDPE Scion sled. He is also developing many other designs that offer differing experiences that cater to various abilities. Sean and his team are driven to create the worlds most exciting and unique winter sports innovations.