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How To Optimize A Website When Targeting Carbon Fiber Sled?

SEO is both science and art. You need to know and apply all principles and guidelines that help a web page become more relevant for its main keywords, but you also need to know how hard you can push, and when to stop to avoid one of those dreaded Google penalties. Such fine details make the difference between great SEO professionals and beginners. The good news is that everybody can learn how to optimize a website regardless the targeted keywords. There are things you can do even when you’re targeting carbon fiber sled, for instance.

First of all, your content needs to be closely related to your main keyword. You can’t write about snowboards and expect to rank for carbon fiber sled, as this isn’t going to happen anytime soon. As you can expect some tough competition on this keyword, you should start by targeting some long tail ones and dedicate one separate page on your website to each of them. Once you manage to rank for these long tail terms, your main keyword will already be easier to tackle, so you can proceed to target it directly.

The internal architecture of your website is very important for SEO. You need to make sure all pages that target long tails are eventually linked from the main page, the one that targets your ultimate keyword, which is carbon fiber sled. When developing the content for your main page, you should take into consideration that search engines have become much smarter than they were one decade ago. You need to use lots of related terms and synonyms, and everything should flow naturally. You need to write for humans rather than for search engines. Robots can understand your intention, so you don’t need to stuff your copy with multiple stances of the same keyword, as this isn’t going to work.

Although you may think a sledding business is boring, you should know that you can develop interesting content around a carbon fiber sled or around any other product or service for that matter. You can, for instance, produce some high-quality videos illustrating someone using your sled. Add a twist of humor, and you have potentially viral content. Promote it on your social media channels, and you can quickly generate lots of backlinks and followers. Modern SEO has a strong social media component, so you can’t afford to ignore it when making your strategy.

If your carbon fiber sled is one of the states of the art models, you may want to send a press release to all the main news websites and gadget and technology blogs. Web sites in this niche have millions of avid followers, so your article is going to put your business in front of as many eyeballs. Besides, all these people reading Mashable, for instance, belong to your core target group. This can give you hope that you’re going to have a sales boost, as well, after getting featured on such popular websites.

These are only some rough guidelines on how to optimize a website targeting an apparently dull and competitive keyword. By following them closely, you may be able to work your way up to the top of SERPs in Google and other major search engines. Nonetheless, you need to be ready to do what it takes to get there, as SEO is a long-term process. You may have to work for several months or even years before reaching your goals, so you have to be able to maintain your motivation for all this time.